The only treatments we offer are those backed by science; if there is no evidence base, we do not provide a course in it.

As a client of ATAI, you have the confidence that what is recommended for your particular need is both safe and effective. Our highly experienced educators oversee every client’s treatment plan.


ATAI brought the concept of mentoring common in training hospitals and introduced it to the non-surgical aesthetics sector in Ireland

Our unique approach to aesthetics education provides superior learning outcomes for our learners while clients benefit from access to experienced practitioners and a price lower than a typical medical aesthetics clinic.

ATAI have some of the best medical device equipment available including Cynosure, Lumenis, and Viora. We use the highest quality of injectable cosmetics from Allergan including genuine Botox® and Juvederm® range of fillers. Our cosmeceuticals include Image Skincare, SkinCeuticals and Medik8.

While it is true that visiting the ATAI Clinic your treatment time can be longer than a typical treatment and you may share your treatment time with other practitioners, what you do receive is the best possible methodologies in aesthetics. After all, if you have engaged in clinical evidence-based therapy, it is not the outcome that is the most important criteria.

You do not always share your treatment time with multiple practitioners. Our clinical mentoring programme for our learners is often one-to-one, and as they are all, already experienced professionals, you will often receive private treatments.

The ATAI Clinic provides a unique opportunity for you to save on clinically proven therapies in exchange for helping us provide the best non-surgical aesthetics training in the country. Having access to our medical and therapist educators provides a wealth of knowledge that is drawn upon to aid you in your unique treatment pathway.