Restore lost volume, erase wrinkles and rejuvenate with no downtime.

Dermal fillers excel at restoring lost volume and eradicating wrinkles. We create a bespoke treatment to meet your specific individual desires and produce a facial symmetry that works with your individual facial features.

If you want to

  • Soften and remove wrinkles
  • Restore lost volume
  • Smooth and increase definition
  • Reshape and lift

What should you expect visiting our educational clinic for your injectable cosmetic treatment?

Your procedure is carried out by either one of our teaching doctors or a medical healthcare professional under the supervision of clinical oversight medical professional. Our focus is instilling best practices in aesthetic medicine. As such, at times your procedure may take longer than a typical treatment.

Although in some cases you can use a lip filler as a dermal filler, in many cases, a different filler is used. While the base ingredient is still hyaluronic acid in gel form, the formulation of the filler can be very different. This is due to the filler having a differing application than a lip filler; for this reason, specific filters are better at particular applications. We understand it can be complicated, but that is why you have access to medical professionals that will tailor a treatment plan fitting your individual needs and will explain why they have arrived at that recommendation.

Dermal fillers are exceptional at correcting lost volume. Once we start to venture into our 30’s our face is often one of the first casualties. Some people have more subcutaneous fat than others, while some lose it quicker or have less, to begin with. Facial muscles become more pronounced; we can develop a gaunt, tired appearance. That is what dermal filler is exceptional at correcting. You leave the clinic with a revitalised, more youthful appearance as we correct that loss of subcutaneous fat.

Dermal fillers can also reshape facial features in the more advanced use of filler, advanced cheek augmentation, chin correction, nose correction, or often referred to as the liquid facelift. In fact, the surgeon’s knife is being used less and less as advancements in non-surgical non-invasive procedures become the prefered method of controlling the visual signs of ageing. With no downtime and in the hands of healthcare professionals, far less risk than surgery dermal filler can have you looking your best in not much longer than your lunch break.