Removing spider veins, telangiectasia, thread veins is a simple procedure with no downtime using a specialist laser.

Broken capillaries are a common condition, caused by environmental factors, pregnancy, genetic, prolonged periods standing and many other reasons. They are effectively treated with an ND:YAG laser with no downtime. Using a laser is often more effective than sclerotherapy, quicker and you can go back to work afterwards.

Suitable for

  • Red Veins/Thread Veins
  • Spider Veins or Clustered Veins
  • Sun Spots, Liver Spots, Age and UV Damage Spots
  • Vascular Birthmarks, Salmon Spots

Appearing on the face and legs and sometimes the arms, broken or leaking capillaries are treated in approximately 30 minutes with minimal discomfort.

Depending on the severity of the thread or spider veins some patients need more than one session. We have a custom pricing structure depending on the frequency and severity of the veins. Make an appointment today, and we can tailor a treatment plan to suit your needs. On average a session of treatment is around 30 minutes, with no downtime after the treatment you can continue with your day after the session.

Effective vein removal using 1064-nm Nd: YAG laser

A.T.A.I use an industry standard Cynosure Elite long-pulsed ND YAG laser for the treatment of spider, thread, red veins or (Telangiectasia.) Spider Vein Treatment and Thread Vein therapy with an ND: YAG Laser that is used to treat areas of concern. A medical grade laser is used treating the vascular problem without damaging surrounding tissue. Effectively treating many pigmentation disorders and removing vascular dysfunction.

What are Spider veins – Telangiectasia

Spider veins are superficial veins that often appear on the face, varying in colour from pale red to dark red. Blue veins are more common on the legs and have a blue to purple appearance. Superficial varicose veins are raised in appearance and often people experience tired or aching legs.

Treating Spider Veins with IPL (intense pulsed light)

While it is possible to treat some vascular concerns with an IPL it is predominantly used for very superficial veins that present more like an appearance of facial flushing. IPL is a broad spectrum light and does not provide the penetration required to reach most vascular concerns. IPL is very good for facial rejuvenation and is also used in the treatment of Rosacea and Acne.

What causes thread or red veins to appear?

Broken capillaries or dilated capillaries form for a variety of reasons. The epidermis helps to regulate our temperature, when we are hot the veins dilate this releases heat and when we are very cold they contract to help conserve heat. When this happens rapidly the elasticity of the capillary wall is damaged and a spider vein forms.

We can also develop Telangiectasia from circulatory problems, damage through squeezing spots, diet and hormonal problems, pregnancy and they can even be hereditary.

Treating Blue Veins and Mild Varicose Veins

Blue Veins or mild varicose veins are treated with the same NDYAG Laser, the precise laser energy is absorbed by the blood within the vein causing it to clot or coagulate and thus destroys the function of the vein without harming the surrounding tissue. Over time the vein is naturally absorbed by the body and disposed of through the bodies natural waste disposal.

Is the treatment painful?

It is not extremely painful, however, is more painful than laser hair removal or skin rejuvenation. A larger elastic band being snapped against the skin is a common description of the feeling.

Is there any downtime?

Some bruising and swelling are common after the treatment, no exercise or saunas and you should abstain from alcohol. Taking it easy for a day or two is all that is needed, no compression bandages are used. It is a fast and effective treatment with proven results and minimal aftereffects.

One of the single most common vascular conditions

Ireland’s weather lends itself to the formation of vascular concerns, our wind chill and often rapidly changeable temperature finds many of us in a condition that is perfect for the formation of thread veins. Spider vein removal is normally just a cosmetic reason and doesn’t give the same aches and pains like larger varicose veins. Although we are able to treat some blue veins, varicose veins will often require treatment from a vascular surgeon.

Laser treatment for thread veins offers a safe treatment with minimal discomfort and has no down time, although it is advised to avoid strong direct sunlight for 2 weeks after treatment. Over 1/4 of the population suffers from telangiectasia or venulectasia the medical names given for the common red veins and blue veins.

We treat hundreds of people a year for all kinds of common vascular conditions and we will discuss with you the full expectation of the treatment at the time of your consultation. We offer evening appointments to fit in with people’s work and run a by appointment clinic so there is no waiting around.