Luscious Lips

Correct thin lips or increase volume for the perfect pout while enjoying the best price in Dublin for the gold standard in lip filler, Juvederm®.

Lip fillers for an unbeatable price. Unlike a typical aesthetics clinic, Aesthetics Training Academy does not need the high-profit margins required to maintain the clinic. As such we can provide injectable cosmetics at a far more affordable price.

On top of that, we are delighted to offer a lip filler clinic provided by two of our nurses that oversee aesthetic training. You will love the safe and experienced hands of Laura & Schira.


0.5 ml Lip Filler – only €125  – 1 ml Lip Filler – only €225

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Laura Martin – Registered Nurse

Schira Farrell – Registered Nurse

Individualised treatment

Lip augmentation is popular with all age groups, our younger clients looking to increase their lip volume for that luscious lips look. Older ladies wishing to correct a loss of lip volume plus many people naturally have thin lips. During your consultation, we will tailor a treatment plan best suiting your individual facial symmetry while achieving the most attractive look possible. We only use the Allergan Juvederm® range of lip fillers arguably the most sought after lip filler product.

Patient focused

We are patient focused, after all, we teach best practices in aesthetic medicine. You will instantly notice the in-depth consultation process; every step explained to you so that you can make a well-informed decision on your cosmetic procedure.

Are lip fillers safe?

Injectable cosmetics always have some risk as a substance is being injected into your body. However, that risk is dramatically reduced when a quality filler product is administered by a highly trained healthcare professional. The horror stories you hear are nearly always when a layperson has performed injectable cosmetics with little to no training compounded further by not having prescription only agents to reverse an adverse reaction. When you visit a trained healthcare professional, it is that in-depth knowledge outside of injection technique that further mitigates risk.

Our lip fillers

You are unique and because you are unique no single type of filler is perfect for all people. We carry a full range of fillers so we can best tailor a treatment pathway for your specific needs, goals and what you desire from your injectable cosmetics.

Click the book now and we will be right back to you with a clinic time that suits you.
Or Phone: 01 524 1511 Text: 083 890 1511