Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) also known as Microneedling or Dermal Rolling can be a safe and effective treatment for a broad list of skin conditions. It is also an effective therapy for fine lines and wrinkles and in the boosting of collagen production.

Skin needling stimulates the bodies natural collagen & skin cell production by using the bodies wound response through tiny channels created by the needling device and enhanced with the delivery of specialised serums deep within the dermis.

If you want to

  • Soften lines, visibly reducing wrinkles
  • Make your eyes fresher with reduced appearance of crows feet
  • Smooth and soften frown lines
  • Achieve a more youthful appearance

Visiting the ATAI educational clinic provides you with clinically proven evidence-based therapies while saving you money.

Because we are a teaching aesthetics practice, you should be aware that treatment times are often longer than a typical clinic treatment. Your treatment may be in front of more than one person. You will be photographed before and after the procedure as per best practices in aesthetics; however, these images will not identify you. All our students are already qualified healthcare professionals and qualified therapists.

Skin needling, InnoPen (stamping device) or (Derma Rolling) stimulates the bodies natural collagen & skin cell production by creating a wound response. With the use of a roller or mechanical pen creating a controlled skin injury without damaging the epidermis. In technical terms, it creates a wound healing cascade which in turn releases growth factors. It also allows for the delivery of specialised serums deep within the dermis. Although the treatment is popular, the actual procedure is a specialised treatment whereby skin professionals use a delivery system not available to the public. Although home versions of (DermaRoller) are available, these rollers have virtually no penetration into the dermis layers & the public do not have access to the specialised reactive serums.

What Does Skin Needling Treat?

Skin needling is effective on a wide variety of skin conditions. It can be used on the face & on the body, as a variety of sizes of needle enable the professional to choose the most appropriate one for the area being treated.

Skin conditions that respond well to needling include:

  • Wrinkles / lines / crow’s feet
  • Scars/acne scars
  • Broken capillaries
  • Hyperpigmentation / uneven pigmentation
  • Cellulite
  • Stretch marks

Skin needling delivers a visible reduction in the appearance of these issues, as well as to increase in skin firmness, as regular use of the needling will encourage the skin to thicken thanks to the strong collagen. The result is a brighter, fresher more even complexion as collagen growth is stimulated from deep within the dermis.