Typically AWI is used to treat wrinkles of the forehead, between the eyes and around the corners of the eyes.

We aim to produce a natural look, your friends will know you look somehow fresher, more youthful, but cannot quite put their finger on what you have had done. That is the secret to effective injectable cosmetics, enjoy looking fresher, a more youthful appearance, after all, who needs the visual signs of ageing?

If you want to

  • Soften lines, visibly reducing wrinkles
  • Make your eyes fresher with reduced appearance of crows feet
  • Smooth and soften frown lines
  • Achieve a more youthful appearance

What should you expect visiting our educational clinic for your injectable cosmetic treatment?

Your procedure is carried out by either one of our teaching doctors or a medical healthcare professional under the supervision of a clinical oversight medical professional. Our focus is instilling best practices in aesthetic medicine. As such, at times, your procedure may take longer than a typical treatment.

ATAI Clinic removes the worry of Botox® at a discounted price; we are more affordable than Therapie or SISU clinics. We achieve this low price for anti-wrinkle injections as our educational mentoring clinic is for education. Under normal circumstances, we would voice our concern over cheap injectable cosmetic offers, and you would be right to have a concern. Our clinic uses genuine Allergan Botox® considered the gold standard in cosmetic use.

Our medical educators either administer in our injectable clinics or provide oversight. You have access to a wealth of experience and can rest assured the care you receive at the ATAI clinic follows best practices in aesthetic medicine. After all, teaching aesthetics is what we do, and it is ATAI that brought a higher standard of training into the cosmetic sector in Ireland.

Unlike the majority of clinics where their doctors had a one or two day course, our doctors have gone through a robust training programme. In fact, this mentoring clinic is unique in Ireland, which means the doctors you visit at ATAI have had more training than the majority of doctors or dentists in Ireland. That is the reason we started injectable cosmetics training because of that lack of robust training.

As a patient, you have access to the best in aesthetic medicine products, highly skilled medical educators and robustly trained doctors entering aesthetic medicine. If that was not enough to have you wanting to come to ATAI for anti-wrinkle procedures, you also save on the treatment. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and start saving on the procedures you already pay full price for.